About The Show
Where do you get your Insperation from?

"I have gotten insperation from many other youtubers with mermaid series, but my top one for insperation is teenie989 with Secret Life Of A Mermaid. It is a fantastic show with 5 great actresses. With teenie989 as Amy Samuels | Claire as Brenna Edwards | Emma as Kelsey Cork | Bridget (teenie989's sister) as Tess Samuels (Amy's sister) | and Tessa as Blaire."
What are your top 3 shows?

"That's a tough question! Well, i'm not judging by the quality of the tails but i would have to say:
3. The 3 Tails (youtube.com/the3tails)
2. The Scales (youtube.com/merymaja)
1. Secret Life Of A Mermaid (youtube.com/teenie989)!"
Any Tips?

"Well, you need a plan base e.g. Characters, Powers, Tail Colour, How You Become A Mermaid. That sort of stuff. Also, I would advise that you write scripts, as I didn't and my show is not hugely popular, but it's new so it may be the start of something big, I'm not sure!"
"My Theme Song is "Where We Belong" by Kate Alexa!" 
Why Did You Choose This As Your Theme Song?
"I chose it because it's sort of like life, and it's written and sung by the same woman who sings the H2O Just Add Water Theme Tune! It's like the average water-loving teen's life, like the lyrics "I wake Up Every Mornin', I Just Wanna Hide!" Which is true in a lot of teens's lives!"
"Enter Your Headline Here"
Teen Mermaid is about a 13-year-old girl called Anna Edwards, who has a passion for swimming. One morning, Anna went for her usual weekend swim at the dock by herself. Whilst swimming, she saw a bizarr crystal necklace (<) and she took it home. On the next full moon, it glowed blue! The next morning, Anna spilt some water on herself by accident, and then, she 'popped' a tail. Now she is trying as hard as she can to hide her fishy secret from everyone, in order to not become a 'Science Project'.